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In a matter of days now, we will be voting for the new President of the United States.  I have been following the campaigning for more than a year, trying to understand the issues in order to make an informed decision.  As time passes, I become more disenchanted as each day goes by.  I don’t feel any closer to making a choice than I did all of those many months ago when the campaigning for nomination began.

I am not one of those people who likes to have big political debates with others.  I like to examine the issues and come to an independent decision based upon what the candidates have said they plan to do.  Many times however, what a candidate has promised never comes to fruition or the programs that have been laid out have all gone by the wayside.

This time around, I have seen a greater fervor based upon political party than ever before.  Candidates are not debating with passion as they are afraid that they will appear angry and that would turn off voters.  Neither candidate is saying much of anything about their individual plans if they get into office.  The pot shots taken at the candidates are getting nastier and meaner and have become justified under the guise that it is just satirical and humorous and clever.

I must say that if I hear one more time that the situation in which we currently find ourselves is because of the administration of the last eight years, I think that I will scream.  There are factors in play here that have shaped this economy going back to the early 90’s.   The Congress for the last two years has been controlled by the Democrats and there are plenty of legislators on both sides of the aisle who have sold their souls because of greed and power.

I have reached the point that I don’t believe any of the politicians.  If you want to buy into the blame game, there is plenty of it to go around.  What our government has done or chosen not to do is what has caused the current economic situation and I have had enough.  Someone has suggested that we look at each of the races for our own legislators and vote for everyone who is not an incumbent. 

I think that that idea is worth looking at, not so much to vote out every incumbent but to seriously look at those Congress men and women who represent our districts.  It is worth checking out their records and deciding how their votes and behavior have measured up to being a fair representation of their constituents’ desires.  Then based upon our representatives’ actions, each of us can decide with our vote whether we want that person to remain in office.  That is the best way to really be heard when we go in to that voting booth on Election Day!


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I had dinner with a friend the other night and I was all ready to catch up on everything since the last time that we had gotten together some 4 months ago.  But, the first question that I got was regarding politics and who would I vote for if the election was tomorrow.  Excuse me!  First of all, I don’t think that it is anybody’s business for whom I would vote and second of all, I never want to spend my time discussing politics in lieu of having a real conversation with an old friend. 


Now don’t get me wrong.  I have been watching the news channels almost non-stop for the last year and I can’t believe that I have wasted so much of my good time.  The more that I watch, the more I become disenchanted with not only the Presidential election but every other aspect of politics.  I am tired of all the personal attacks and the promises to fix everything with nothing of real substance being proposed anywhere.  Between the sniping and the spinning of every sentence uttered by the candidates to fit the agenda of the political parties and the news media, it is just beyond my imagination.  And all of the blame game and finger pointing that goes on is enough to drive anyone away from the polls.


This whole situation makes me very sad.  The only way that anything positive is ever accomplished is by people working together for a common cause or the common good.  But you only have to listen to what is currently happening in this country to realize that nothing positive is occurring for the citizens and that the politicians could care less.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t take off for 5 weeks of vacation when the average family can’t even afford to take a week of vacation together in this economy.  That is just plain arrogance.  So I have officially sworn off of politics and I don’t believe that my vote or the vote of other individual citizens really counts.  The political machines and the money buy the power for those who can afford it and we suffer the consequences.


I have decided to use my good energy instead to help the people around me.  It becomes very difficult for most people to focus on making good political choices when their time is spent working to earn a living, feeding and clothing and housing a family and trying to figure out how to stretch every dollar in order to meet these responsibilities.  We need to turn our energies back into our individual communities and help each rather than waiting for help from a government that has run the country into the ground.  We need to help each other. 


If you know of a family that needs help, it is so rewarding to pitch in to make their lives a little better.  Your help doesn’t need to be financial.  Maybe you know a single mother who is working hard and could use some help with babysitting a youngster while she is gone or perhaps to give her a few hours of free time to rest her mind and body.  Maybe you know of an elderly person who could use some help with some repairs around the house or some assistance with running some errands.  Or you can get involved in volunteering with just about any church, hospital, shelter, etc. in your own town.  And if you find yourself in a financial situation where you can assist with some extra cash, you can always buy food and clothing and school supplies and recreation equipment and musical instruments, etc. for those are not able to afford these things.  The opportunities to help are endless and there is nothing that can make you feel better about yourself than helping others in any way that you can.  Your time and your efforts and your financial contributions will definitely brighten up the lives of so many others.  How can you not help???

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