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What is going on with so many people today who say they are going to do something and then they don’t?  I am not talking about the ones who make a commitment and because of extenuating circumstances have to change plans. 

I am not even talking about the ones who just decide that they don’t want to do what they said they would and they let you know that they changed their minds.  I am talking about the ones who say that they will do something and then disappear into the sunset without a single word.

Maybe it is just me but when I give my word, it means something.  If someone makes a request that I am not sure about, I will say that I will look into the matter and get back to the other person and that is exactly what I do. 

Many times I have made plans to meet someone for dinner and for one reason or another, one of us can’t make it at the last moment.  Well, that’s okay.  One of us will pick up the phone and we will call to confirm.  And if one of us can’t make it, that is just fine.  We will re-schedule for another time.  It doesn’t matter what the reason may be.  It might be that one of us just doesn’t feel like going that evening.  That is a perfectly acceptable reason among real friends.

But I am really bothered when I go to someone for help on behalf of someone else and I am told that the matter will be handled and then I don’t hear a word.  I know that we all get busy and sometimes we forget things so that is the reason that I will follow up regarding the request that I made.  And if I don’t get a response on the follow up, I know that I will have to start all over with someone else to help me and that often, I have lost precious time in helping someone if there is an impending deadline.

I guess that some people feel that it is perfectly alright to disrespect another person in this way because they are important enough to do so.  And I don’t know about the rest of the world but if I have come to you for help and/or guidance on a particular matter, it is because I consider that we are close enough to do something like that.  If you don’t feel that you want or care to work with me that is fine.  At least give me the consideration to let me know that you are not in a position to help, no matter the reason.

If you choose not to help me after you agreed to do so and you can’t even give me the courtesy of a phone call, e-mail, whatever, please count on the fact that I have no respect for you and if I lose respect for you, we will no longer have any association.  There are too many wonderful people out there who are willing to help or who have the respect and courtesy to let me know if they are not in a position to do so.  If you can talk the talk, then I certainly expect that you can walk the walk.  I would do no less that that for anyone else.


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Some time ago, I heard a co-worker say that she works with honor.  Now knowing this individual, I knew exactly what she meant and I told her that I was adopting that as my own motto.  It really does represent how I think and what I choose to do.  And when I used this phrase to describe my own work ethic, I was not too sure that others understood.


Working with honor is all-encompassing.  On an individual basis, it means that you always work to the best of your ability to complete each task as perfectly as possible while meeting all deadlines.  It implies that when you are on the job, you work the job and not spend time on personal business or wasting time in gossiping and keeping others from working because you want to chit chat.  It demands that you be honest with regard to your reporting of your time, your expenses, your communications with others and not “borrowing” office supplies or other types of office services to which you are not entitled on a personal basis.


On a group basis, working with honor requires that you work with all of your co-workers as a team.  When someone is having a problem or working on a special project and they need help, you jump right in.  When someone has a great idea, you get behind them and support them.  If someone needs some great ideas, you get right in there and make your own contributions.  And you don’t need to worry about whether someone steals your idea and makes it their own.  What goes around, comes around.  Not everyone is stupid and it doesn’t take long for people to know who does what.  You need to remember that if someone steals your ideas, they steal other peoples’ ideas as well.  And that type of bad behavior never goes on for long.


Hopefully if you are in a work situation where others do not work as you do, your personal behavior may serve as an example.  If you are cooperative and treat other people and property with respect, others will notice.  If they choose, they can make the necessary changes to work with honor in the same way that you do and if not, it doesn’t matter.  What other people think and do is their choice and should never affect your own personal behavior.


When all else fails and you have to deal with people who do not have the same ethics and/or morals that you have, just remember that when you go home after your day’s work, you can be very proud of the effort that you gave and the work that you accomplished.  After all, you only need to answer to yourself and if you know that you gave your best efforts that day, that is all that matters.

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