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Yes, I wrote “Merry Christmas”, not Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings or whatever else is suppose to be politically correct these days. I respect all holidays throughout the year and the remembrance that each represents and Christmas is no exception. The spirit of the season is just wonderful.

Of course I don’t expect everyone to embrace this spirit. There are many reasons that people choose not to do so and I truly feel sorry for them as they are missing out on something that is pretty special. I don’t care what your circumstances may be or what you have had on your plate during the past year. The spirit of caring and loving and giving that fills the air at this time of year is freely given to all who want to embrace it and it doesn’t cost a single penny.

I have had Christmases where I was unemployed and had no money for presents. I have had Christmases where I have dealt with personal and family illnesses. I have had Christmases that I could not spend with my family. But, regardless of the situation, I have always found a way to enjoy the holiday, spend it with others and embrace the spirit of the season.

What I have found over the years is that despite whatever else may be going on in my life, the Christmas spirit can override it all. It has never been about the gifts that one can or cannot give and/or receive but rather about the love that one is willing to share. Have you ever noticed the extra laughter in your work place or the efforts made to get together with co-workers and associates and friends? It is all about the spirit of the season.

And most importantly, I am sure that if you focus on all of the wonderful Christmas seasons that you have experienced, they far outweigh those that may have been not so good. Embrace the memories from your childhood and those of the children that have surrounded you over the years. Remember those feelings and you have the opportunity to experience them again year after year if you just choose to embrace the child within. My Christmas Wish for you this season is that you enjoy the peace and warmth and wonder and good will of the season this Christmas and hold on to those feelings for as long as you can for every day in the future.


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I don’t know about you but this 4-day weekend was just what I needed. After a wonderful traditional dinner that Kirk and I shared, we kicked off the Christmas season by lighting our tree and enjoying the last of the holiday’s football games. And I knew that I could sleep in the next morning and had absolutely nothing that I needed to do for the next 3 days.

Now don’t get me wrong. Having 3 days with nothing that I had to do didn’t mean that I didn’t accomplish anything. But I spent the time sharing it with Kirk and having lots of fun. I shopped online for Christmas gifts and I found a few things for myself. I watched football and some holiday movies. And somewhere along the way, I found the holiday spirit.

For 4 days, I did not think about the economy nor did I watch the news channels non-stop to make sure I knew what was going on. I didn’t think about work and everything that I would have to do when I returned on Monday. I proceeded through my days with a mindset that I haven’t had for some time now. I let go of the past and stayed in the moment and laughed and smiled and enjoyed each moment. And although it takes a lot of work, I am going to remain in the present and have all of the fun moments that I can possibly make.

Having had this time off has helped me to put things into perspective. I think that I am going to set aside a couple more of these 4-day breaks throughout the year for rest and revitalization and playing. It is so refreshing and invigorating. I need more fun and less seriousness. After all, life is whatever we choose to make of it. It is time to go back to being the person that I used to be with lots of smiles for everyone and tons of laughter to fill my days.

And if I remember correctly, a ton of light-hearted, predictable Christmas movies thrown together into marvelous marathons will just do the trick. And each day I will try to think of something that would be very special for one person on my gift list so that by the time the holiday arrives, I won’t have any last minute stresses. This year I do intend to make it a matter of “it’s the thought that counts”. And if I do get into this habit during the holiday season, I think that will make it easier to continue it long after the last Christmas decoration has been tucked away for another year.

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