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Although the final count is not tallied, the Crespi Carmelite High School male lacrosse team raised more than $44,000.00 by the start of their premiere event that was held yesterday at the school. What an awesome result in only two months!

The guys will be sponsoring a variety of other events in their effort to raise $140,000.00 by the end of the year. They are also looking forward to meeting up with three other lacrosse teams in New York City on April 9th and walking the last 6.98 miles of their total goal of 5,500 miles which is the distance from the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge to Time Square where they want to present a check to Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America”.

For those who missed it, the team had a very special last minute walker join their them.

Now despite all of his hard work, Guy was not successful in raising so much as a single dollar for his efforts. So he has decided to keep on walking and walking and walking until such time as he sees some positive results and can collect some funds in his name in support of this cause.

As soon as he is rested and can begin the next step on this journey, we will post more videos on his behalf so that you can see the progress that he is making.

If you care to donate some funds on behalf of Guy, please let me know by writing to letlifehappen@gmail.com and we will make the necessary arrangements for acceptance of your contribution. And if you would like to follow the progress of the team and their continued fund raising efforts, please log on to the website at www.crespi.dojiggy.com. This is only the beginning of the Coach’s Challenge where high school athletic teams throughout the country are being enlisted to join in this cause.


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Walk Like A man

Walk Like A man

Last week I wrote an open letter to the Crespi Carmelite High School lacrosse team members. I asked the girl who had involved me in this project whether she would provide a copy of the letter for each of the team members and have the team coaches hand them out to the guys. She agreed to do so and I was so happy that they would know how much all of their hard work and efforts meant to me and to the women who would benefit from all of their hard work.

I received an e-mail from my friend to whom I had made the initial request. She informed me that the coach read my letter to his players at practice. They were so moved by what I had to say that they upped the ante and although they have already raised $35,000.00 in less than two months, they challenged themselves to reach $50,000.00 by the time the event takes place next Saturday on February 14th.

Can you believe that? Most high school guys would have responded by resting on their laurels and thinking about how great they were. These men understood the message and stepped up to the plate to push themselves that much harder to set a tough goal for themselves.

Okay, that is why I am begging all of you to please help out in any way that you can. Please make a contribution to the cause if you can. Purchase some merchandise if you are able to do so. But if you are unable to do anything financially, I would really appreciate it if you would log on to the coach’s e-mail at joswaks@crespi.org and let them know how awesome they are for taking on this challenge and giving back to their community in such a big way.

This coach and his coaching staff and every member of the committee that put together this event and every member of the team that is raising money for the cause are our special angels. They have all literally been giving themselves to this cause to make it an unbridled success and are truly the angels in our community.

I have been checking the weather reports and there is nothing but rain in the forecast for next weekend. I know that everyone will still show up and do their part regardless but please, please help them and support them. I will be there myself come rain or shine so please feel free to send a message to me for them if you wish and I will be sure to pass it to them.

I can be reached at letlifehappen@gmail.com and would appreciate it if you would help all of us. And if you can make a contribution to the cause, please log on to the website at http://www.crespi.dojiggy.com and help in any way that you can. Your contributions will be appreciated more than you will ever know. I will update you on the results from this event in my blog next Sunday. Please, we need your support.

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You don’t know me but you are my heroes. And if you are wondering why, I will tell you. I know about your great efforts to walk and to raise money for the “Walk Like A Man” Walk-a-thon for Breast Cancer Testing and Research. I know what it is like to have to devote so much of your time and effort to meet the challenges that have been given to you by your coaches for this project. And you have to do all of this in addition to your regular school work, your lacrosse practices and all of the responsibilities that you have at home and in other aspects of your personal life!

Well, that is what makes you special. That is what makes you heroes to those that you don’t know but who will be the recipients of the results of your special efforts. For the funds that you raise will be used to continue research and provide testing for those who otherwise would not be able to afford those tests.

I am a breast cancer survivor who was fortunate enough to have medical insurance that provided the testing that I needed. But I want you to know that it is not the surgeries that were the hard part of my experience. It was the not knowing what to do that was the hardest. As a result of being able to have the necessary testing, cancer patients, in conjunction with their medical doctors, have the information that they need in order to make educated choices about the best courses of treatment.

So when the going gets tough out there and it gets harder and harder to reach your goals, please remember that there are lots of us out here in your community who need you. Please remember that it is your efforts that will help to save our lives and many more lives in the future. And when you go to bed at night, you will know that there are people who look to you as heroes because you helped to save their lives. I think that you will be able to rest assured that although it may have been tough to do what was expected of you for this walk, it was all worthwhile knowing that you made such a huge difference. Your efforts are appreciated more than you will ever know.

I will be at your walk on February 14th and it is my goal to meet each one of you personally. I want to shake your hand and thank you and let you know what a privilege it is to meet such awesome guys who are such a positive representation of the hope for the future of this country.

For those of you who may be reading this letter who are not members of this team and are willing to help with this cause, please let me know at letlifehappen@gmail.com or go to the school’s website at http://www.crespi.dojiggy.com. Please help me to acknowledge the wonderful work that is being done by these young people by letting them know how much it is appreciated.

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Walk Like A Man

Walk Like A Man

Part 3

The men’s lacrosse team from Crespi High School in Encino, CA is doing a fabulous job of raising funds for the walk. In a little more than a month, they have raised $26,500 toward their goal of $140,000 which they hope to reach by the end of the year. That is just awesome. But how do we get the word out about this special community event that we hope will become a national cause to be embraced by every high school athletic team across the country?

If you are like me, I don’t have a lot of money to give to other causes when I am trying to pay my bills and keep things going in this economy. But I certainly can find some time to help these young people to be successful with their own event and to inspire others to do the same in their local communities. And I sure can use your help to do the same.

I have spent the week contacting the local media to provide coverage about what these guys are doing and to request coverage of the actual event. So far, I haven’t heard anything back but I am continuing to reach more media contacts who may be interested.

I am contacting friends who might be interested in participating in the walk and obtain sponsorship from their family and friends for their efforts. These contributions are really needed to fund the research and the testing needed to bring an end to this disease.

I have spoken to friends and associates to garner interest in other local communities to sponsor events at their local high schools. All of the help that they would need to organize such an event is readily available and accessible through the lacrosse coach who is the inspiration for this whole idea.

And I am trying to reach out to bloggers and participants on a variety of social networks to help get the word out across the country. If my “friends” would be willing to send out the information to their “friends”, we just might be able to pick up a massive support from other high schools.

If anyone has any suggestions for additional things I might do, please let me know. And if you are willing to help with this cause, please let me know or go to the school’s website at http://www.crespi.dojiggy.com. Your efforts are appreciated more than you will ever know.

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“Walk Like A Man” Walk-a-thon for Breast Cancer Testing and Research

Part 2

After I finished last week’s blog, I realized that it was number 52. What better way to complete a year of weekly postings than to launch such a wonderful project on this site.

I have decided that the best way to provide more information about this special walk is to provide the press release that I have been given. I really would appreciate it if you would read it and please help in any way that you can (see suggestions in last week’s blog). I would love for everyone to support these kids in this huge undertaking. It would be greatly appreciated.


Lacrosse team at CRESPI Carmelite High School announces 1st Annual Breast Cancer Gene Test Fundraising Walk-A-Thon. Crespi raises $20,000 in one month.

January 16, 2009

Los Angeles, CA: CRESPI Carmelite All Boys High School Boys Lacrosse Team has launched a nationwide fundraiser for breast cancer gene testing (BRCA1 and BRCA2) entitled “Walk Like A Man”. Over the last month, the lacrosse team has raised $20,000 and brought an army of supporters.

This Valentine’s Day, the lacrosse team at CRESPI Carmelite High School will walk the round-trip distance from Los Angeles to New York to raise money for breast cancer gene testing. Crespi Lacrosse will complete the final leg of the Los Angeles-to-New York 5,500 mile distance on foot from the Brooklyn Bridge to Times Square in New York City. It is the hope of the team to present a check live on Good Morning America along with local schools Sewanhaka High School, Hewlett High School, and H. Frank Carey High School.

This nationwide campaign has attracted attention and support from National Football League teams including the Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys, and Atlanta Falcons. As well, artist Peter Max, best known for his iconic 60s cosmic art, donated a piece of his original art for the silent auction and may design a one-of-a-kind art design for the cause, used on t-shirts to be sold online nationwide.

Supporting breast cancer gene testing, the walk-a-thon is the only fundraising event of its kind in the Los Angeles area.

Walk-a-thon “Walk Like A Man”—as well as a silent auction and sock-hop—will bring funding to breast cancer research and testing. Los Angeles’s Cedar Sinai Hospital will be on site at “Walk Like a Man” on February 14th including a booth from their Genetic Risk department. There will be on-site mobile scanning units for early detection as well as a blood mobile and various vendors in the vendor village.

The event, part of a larger “Walk Like A Man” fundraising campaign launched last month by head Crespi Lacrosse Coach Jon Oswaks, aims to raise $140,000 by years end. The CRESPI Lacrosse Team is collecting funds for “Walk Like A Man” through http://crespi.dojiggy.com, spotlight auctions, door-to-door campaigns, apparel sales, corporate donations, and more.

Each player on the CRESPI Lacrosse team is required to walk at least 27.5 miles, raise a minimum of $500.00, and bring 2 friends to each raise $500.00 as well. The total mileage goal for the Walk-A-Thon will be 6.87 miles short of the round-trip distance from Long Island to Los Angeles [5500 miles], leading up to their lacrosse tournament in New York in the spring of 2009. The team will complete the final 6.87 miles on foot from the Brooklyn Bridge, with the hopes of a stop to ABC’s Good Morning America studio in Times Square to present the check live. CRESPI Lacrosse is thrilled that their three competing teams will join them in the walk to present the check.

“Walk Like A Man” will be held on the Crespi Carmelite High School track at 5031 Alonzo Ave Encino, CA 91316 on February 14, 2009. Pre/late registration ($7) and check-in will be from 6:45am – 7:45am on February 14. The walk begins at 8am, with barbeques, entertainment, silent auction, and vendor village to roll out through the day. The online early registration rate of $5 will end on February 11, 2009.

For more information or to register visit http://crespi.dojiggy.com “Walk Like A Man” Walk-A-Thon. Receive a personal webpage and help fundraise.

Jonathan Oswaks
Head Coach CRESPI Carmelite Lacrosse

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wlam-web2A high school’s men’s lacrosse team is walking to raise money for breast cancer research and testing. Inspired by the team’s coach, Jonathan Oswaks, the Crespi High School team located in Encino, CA is walking the equivalent of a round trip from Los Angeles to New York where the team will match up with 3 Long Island lacrosse teams in the Spring. Those team members from Sewanhaka, Hewlett and H. Frank Carey High Schools are also participating in this fundraiser and all are walking an astounding 5,500 miles.

The idea of a group of teen, male athletes raising money for a women’s issue was incredible to me. This coach and some of his athletes have had personal experience in dealing with breast cancer in their own families and it is the belief of this coach that every young person will be touched by this disease in their lifetime. With an army of high school athletes out in their communities raising money for this cause, the funding that would be provided for the researchers and for testing is incredible. They would be making a real difference and hopefully be the hope for the future to wipe out this disease in their generation.

Therefore, I am asking for your help. Please check out the website at crespi.dojiggy.com. Here you will find lots of opportunities to make a difference. If you are able to make a financial contribution or contribute something to the silent auction, that would be fabulous. Every dollar that is collected will go to the lacrosse team’s event that will be held on February 14, 2009.

However, that is not the only goal. I would suggest that you take a look at the “Coach’s Challenge”. He is asking that every coach in every sport at every high school across this country get behind this initiative and raise money for this cause. Perhaps you can initiate such a walk to raise money in your community. If that is not a possibility, maybe you would be willing to contact all of your “friends” on MySpace and Twitter and FaceBook and every other internet social network and spread the word. Although there is only one month left until the Crespi High School will hold their big event, there is no reason why the fund raising and support needs to stop on that day. With your help, we can make this the beginning of something wonderful, not the end!

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