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When I started to write this blog, I had requested that Kirk set it up to reflect a classification of “Categories” so that I could address a number of different subjects. The first one obviously is “Creating Happiness”. However, as I pondered what I wanted to write about this week, I was suddenly struck by the realization that all of the facets that I would probably ever write about all pertained to this single category.I tried to think of other categories upon which I might want to reflect. I could address such things as getting ahead on the job or how to make more money or setting goals to attain a position of greater power or notoriety. But the more I thought about it, I realized that such subjects were those in which I really have no interest. To pursue power or money or the accumulation of “things” are not things of importance to me. Bottom line – happiness in my life is the only thing that matters and that is what I think is the greatest gift that I might be able to share with others.So for the time being, the “category” listing will remain with the only title under that being “Creating Happiness” – just in case I do find another topic at some later date. Perhaps someone might want to pose a question that I could address that falls outside of this parameter. I just don’t know what it could be at this time.I have found true happiness in my life and that is what I want to share. Now this does not mean that everything is perfect but then again, if everything was perfect, how boring life would be. Having challenges, facing them and conquering them is so rewarding. Of course, many times our efforts do not result in the outcomes that we might wish but having done our best and learning from our mistakes is an accomplishment in and of itself. It all comes down to being willing to look at the possibilities and being willing to explore new things.

Often when facing the outcome of a particular situation, it is easy to look at all of the negatives and allow ourselves to feel sorry for ourselves and to blame others or to think that we are not good enough or smart enough or important enough to affect the change that we wanted. But I do challenge you to look at every single one of those “bad” outcomes in retrospect and see whether or not that outcome wasn’t really for the best in the long run.

How many times were you passed up for a promotion or you didn’t get a particular job that you wanted or the object of your affection was not interested in you or you weren’t able to find the answer to a particular question that you needed to solve before you could move on?

But if you took the time to view those situations in retrospect, how often did you find that a particular promotion may have resulted in your not having a “personal” life any longer or you were glad that you didn’t get a particular job because you landed one that was so much better or if you had ended up with what you thought was the perfect person for you, you wouldn’t have been available when the right one came along or had you had a particular answer when you initially went searching for it, you would not have learned so many other things along the way?

If you take the time to assess these types of situations in hindsight, you will soon learn that everything always turns out for the best. Then you will not waste your good energy on the negative but will look to the positive and this will definitely make your life so much happier.



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Yes, you read that correctly. We create happiness. I know that you were probably taught the same thing that I was; that we “find” happiness. Well, I don’t believe that we “find” anything. I believe that we create circumstances and make choices in our lives that lead to our being happy. I do know true happiness in my life and really want for others who may wish to manifest happiness in their lives to learn how to do so from my experiences. This really is a journey and one that I feel so fortunate to have been able to make. For all of the tough times, the rewards are so much greater to me than I could ever have imagined.If I were to ask you what makes you happy, there is a very good chance that you would respond that you don’t know. The reason for that is that many people have never experienced true happiness in anything in their lives. Happiness seems to be so elusive because there is no manual that explains how to get it. Happiness is a feeling. You may have had fleeting glimpses of it but unless it is truly a part of your daily life, you are really missing out on this great gift.I am sure that you have heard that money can’t buy happiness. This is definitely true. Happiness is not found in possessions or in excessive behavior of any kind or in the attention of an adoring partner. It is not achieved by obtaining college degrees or winning awards or by becoming the president of a company. Happiness comes from within and therefore, is something that any person can manifest and live on a daily basis, if you are willing to make that choice. If you want happiness in your life and would like some help in creating it for yourself, I would suggest that you read on. If you don’t believe what you have read thus far, then you would be wasting your time to continue.For those of you who are still with me, I must say that I believe that you have to have a fundamental belief in God, in a higher power, in a universal force, in unconditional love, whatever you wish to call it, if you are to be happy. The reason is that if you do, you will believe in the fundamental good in others as we all come from that same source. Therefore, we are all equal and we are all able to create happiness just as we are all able to create anything else in life that we wish.Let’s start with something relatively simple. Do something nice for yourself. Sometime today you most surely said something nice to someone else, you gave someone a hug, you did someone a favor, etc. If you did, give yourself a moment to focus on that deed and congratulate yourself for being a good person. Be happy about it. Be grateful that you had the opportunity to do so. If you haven’t, the day is not over. You still have time. You have the opportunity to do or say something that makes a positive difference in someone else’s life. When you do something nice for someone, you make them happy for that moment and that makes a happy moment for you. Oh, yes, it is just that easy. It doesn’t make one bit of difference about what you were wearing at the time or if you were having a bad hair day or if you had lots of money in your pocket. You gave of yourself and that is what it is all about.Now how do you think that you would feel if you did something else for someone today? Maybe someone needs you to lend an ear. You don’t have to have the answers to another person’s problems – as a matter of fact, you can’t have the answers for someone else as you aren’t able to know their experiences or the lessons that another person needs to learn. Or if you care about someone else, say some prayers for them and while you are at it, say a few for yourself. It makes all the difference in the world. For I have found that the more that I do to help others in their lives, the happier it makes me. And at the end of the day, I recognize the fact that as I have made a choice to create happy moments in other lives, I have created for myself a foundation upon which I can continue to build a happy life for myself, one day at a time.

Oh, and thank you so much for reading what I have just written. I hope that it has been of some help to you. It has been of great help to me because I was able to focus on something other than the fact that the cancer is back and knowing that I am using my experiences to help others to create happiness makes me happy!

If you have any questions or comments about this column, please contact me at letlifehappen@gmail.com.


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