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“Walk Like A Man” Walk-a-thon for Breast Cancer Testing and Research

Part 2

After I finished last week’s blog, I realized that it was number 52. What better way to complete a year of weekly postings than to launch such a wonderful project on this site.

I have decided that the best way to provide more information about this special walk is to provide the press release that I have been given. I really would appreciate it if you would read it and please help in any way that you can (see suggestions in last week’s blog). I would love for everyone to support these kids in this huge undertaking. It would be greatly appreciated.


Lacrosse team at CRESPI Carmelite High School announces 1st Annual Breast Cancer Gene Test Fundraising Walk-A-Thon. Crespi raises $20,000 in one month.

January 16, 2009

Los Angeles, CA: CRESPI Carmelite All Boys High School Boys Lacrosse Team has launched a nationwide fundraiser for breast cancer gene testing (BRCA1 and BRCA2) entitled “Walk Like A Man”. Over the last month, the lacrosse team has raised $20,000 and brought an army of supporters.

This Valentine’s Day, the lacrosse team at CRESPI Carmelite High School will walk the round-trip distance from Los Angeles to New York to raise money for breast cancer gene testing. Crespi Lacrosse will complete the final leg of the Los Angeles-to-New York 5,500 mile distance on foot from the Brooklyn Bridge to Times Square in New York City. It is the hope of the team to present a check live on Good Morning America along with local schools Sewanhaka High School, Hewlett High School, and H. Frank Carey High School.

This nationwide campaign has attracted attention and support from National Football League teams including the Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys, and Atlanta Falcons. As well, artist Peter Max, best known for his iconic 60s cosmic art, donated a piece of his original art for the silent auction and may design a one-of-a-kind art design for the cause, used on t-shirts to be sold online nationwide.

Supporting breast cancer gene testing, the walk-a-thon is the only fundraising event of its kind in the Los Angeles area.

Walk-a-thon “Walk Like A Man”—as well as a silent auction and sock-hop—will bring funding to breast cancer research and testing. Los Angeles’s Cedar Sinai Hospital will be on site at “Walk Like a Man” on February 14th including a booth from their Genetic Risk department. There will be on-site mobile scanning units for early detection as well as a blood mobile and various vendors in the vendor village.

The event, part of a larger “Walk Like A Man” fundraising campaign launched last month by head Crespi Lacrosse Coach Jon Oswaks, aims to raise $140,000 by years end. The CRESPI Lacrosse Team is collecting funds for “Walk Like A Man” through http://crespi.dojiggy.com, spotlight auctions, door-to-door campaigns, apparel sales, corporate donations, and more.

Each player on the CRESPI Lacrosse team is required to walk at least 27.5 miles, raise a minimum of $500.00, and bring 2 friends to each raise $500.00 as well. The total mileage goal for the Walk-A-Thon will be 6.87 miles short of the round-trip distance from Long Island to Los Angeles [5500 miles], leading up to their lacrosse tournament in New York in the spring of 2009. The team will complete the final 6.87 miles on foot from the Brooklyn Bridge, with the hopes of a stop to ABC’s Good Morning America studio in Times Square to present the check live. CRESPI Lacrosse is thrilled that their three competing teams will join them in the walk to present the check.

“Walk Like A Man” will be held on the Crespi Carmelite High School track at 5031 Alonzo Ave Encino, CA 91316 on February 14, 2009. Pre/late registration ($7) and check-in will be from 6:45am – 7:45am on February 14. The walk begins at 8am, with barbeques, entertainment, silent auction, and vendor village to roll out through the day. The online early registration rate of $5 will end on February 11, 2009.

For more information or to register visit http://crespi.dojiggy.com “Walk Like A Man” Walk-A-Thon. Receive a personal webpage and help fundraise.

Jonathan Oswaks
Head Coach CRESPI Carmelite Lacrosse


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Wow! What a roller coaster ride we had in 2008. While I learned a great deal about myself, my husband and my family and friends, I am certainly glad that this year is about to end. But, I also understand that just because the calendar indicates that it is a brand new year that does not mean that the slate is totally wiped clean and we have a brand new beginning. However, that also does not mean that we can’t set some new goals and make some decisions about some changes that we would like to make in our lives during 2009.

I am not one to look back over the last year and talk about what has happened or how things might have been different. I lived each day to the best of my ability and if anyone feels differently about that, I don’t really care. Of course I could have made different choices along the way but I didn’t. I could have handled a number of situations differently but I didn’t. Regardless of any choices I made along the way, I learned something new and it is up to me to remember those lessons so that I don’t have to repeat them again.

So now it is on to 2009 with all of the wide-eyed expectations and hopes and dreams for the changes that I would like to create in my life. I know what they are and I don’t have to publicize them here or share them with anyone else. I have been working on some new goals already and I am looking forward to the opportunities that some of those goals may bring about.

Next week in this blog, I am going to inaugurate the year with an announcement about a brand new program that I am supporting. I hope that all of you will take the time to read about it and if you are struck about this undertaking anywhere near as much as I have been, I will look forward to your getting on board and making a big difference for so many people.

In the interim, I would like to send out my greetings to you for a marvelous and fun New Year’s Eve celebration. I also want to send along to each and everyone my wishes for the realization of all of your hopes and dreams in the New Year and my thanks to you for your help and support this past year. It is appreciated more than you will ever know.

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